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Shelly Parks, Director of Sales, Crista Senior Living

I’ve had the great fortune to work directly with Solutions Advisors (SA) two different times under very different circumstances. While I’ve worked with many different consultants, I found SA’s approach to be distinctly unique because of their highly customized approach.

The first time was with Skyline at First Hill in downtown Seattle during our lease up. We opened in 2009, a difficult time for a high-end CCRC. Kristin Ward was brought in to help us develop a more robust marketing strategy when we had a slowdown. What I remember most clearly was the moment Kristin sat down with the whole marketing and sales team to delve into our specific challenges and explore the opportunities. Very quickly she had the buy-in from the team because she truly listened to each member and understood that while our issues weren’t unique, they did deserve a unique approach. What happened as a result was the commitment of the team to the strategies recommended and our ultimate success.

Most recently I’ve worked with Kristin a second time. SA was retained shortly before I came to CRISTA Senior Living as their new Director of Sales and I was so pleased to learn that I’d be working with her and her team again. Here our focus was how to best position a well-established and well respected senior living organization with two main campuses. To put it simply, we needed new eyes to look at us objectively and to help us better position ourselves in a strong market. Again, SA’s unique approach is what I have so appreciated. SA has helped us define and articulate what makes us special and because of their great ability to understand the soul of a community, I have buy-in from all the stake holders in embracing SA’s recommendations. We are quickly moving forward thanks to SA’s support.

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