Marika Tufteskog-Johnson

Chief Strategy Officer Texas

Marika Johnson brings over 18 years of successful and progressive experience in the senior living industry.  Ms. Johnson has held a succession of community, regional and corporate level positions. She has successfully implemented effective cost controls including labor management, developed and implemented revenue generating ancillary programs, identifies and implements strategic sales efforts, created resident assessment and care planning processes to comply with multiple state regulations, developed company wide policies and procedures and employee training programs, as well as identifying and monitoring key metrics for measuring the operational performance of communities.

Her experience encompasses a broad range of senior housing environments including independent, assisted living, and Alzheimer’s care for portfolios up to 54 communities. Marika’s operational knowledge and skills encompass both start-up construction as well as acquisitions. Ms. Johnson holds Assisted Living Administrator certifications in multiple states as well as a Dementia Care Specialist Certification, and a Certificate in Gerontology.

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Marika After Hours...

After hours Marika enjoys reading and relaxing with a good cup of coffee, spending time with her family, and getting in a little running time.