Everywhere You Turn, There’s A Story To Be Told.

Communities are filled with stories. Every resident has many waiting to be revealed. Each leader has one to share. Every customer and every team member has a story they want to tell.
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StoryTree's 7 Powerful Elements of Storytelling

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Introducing StoryTree® – Re-imagining the Sales Journey Through Storytelling

StoryTree gives the ancient art of storytelling a modern twist. Our StoryTree philosophy incorporates the seven powerful elements of storytelling to gain a better understanding of your customer and what’s important to them as they contemplate making a major life change.

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” – Native American Proverb

Through storytelling we engage our customers in an emotional journey towards a deeper understanding of their true aspirations as well as what motivates and defines them. Stories are powerful tools that can inspire action and elicit emotion; they help us make sense of things and allow us to better understand ourselves and find commonality with others.

“Facts don’t persuade, feelings do. And stories are the best way to get at those feelings.” – Tom Asacker






StoryTree isn’t just about listening to other people’s stories, it’s about telling your own story, too. Every community has a story to tell. Whether it’s about your history, your residents, your leadership or team members, telling a story will imprint a picture in your customers’ minds and bring your brand to life.

At Solutions Advisors, we tell our clients’ stories through the award-winning websites we design, the brochures we create, the messages we craft and even through the events we help plan. Together, these elements create a unique narrative for your community to help you stand out in a crowded field. We believe storytelling is a powerful way to build your brand identity and convey understanding of your core mission and purpose.

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A senior living community is, foremost, a community. And for a community to be dynamic and successful, its people must connect and support one another. By learning the stories within, you gain a deeper understanding of the needs of residents, leaders and staff.

Ask. Who is this person? What have they experienced in their life (or work) – and what have they yet to experience? What are they looking for – and what are they lacking?

Listen. Everyone is searching for fulfillment, has goals, or has fears. What defines this person, and what sets them apart? When you listen intently, you’ll learn what these personal drivers and strengths are.

Respond. Choose your words carefully. Reply meaningfully, but use pointed follow-up questions. Be empathetic to the person’s anxieties and hopeful for their goals. Uncover their “wow” moments.

Engage. Now is the time to find a personal connection. Use the story you’ve just heard to connect over shared experiences. Your story must resonate. Use emotion, be genuine and meaningful.

When you take the time to listen intently to a story, you greatly improve your chances of connecting in a deeper way with prospects, or of helping to build stronger leaders in your organization. The outcome of listening to a community’s stories is creating a place where leaders and staff are empowered, resident’s goals are actualized and connections are lasting.

Solutions Advisors’ StoryTree workshop re-imagines the sales journey, incorporating the seven powerful elements of storytelling: plot, character, theme, dialogue, chorus, stage and spectacle to help you gain a better understanding of your customer and what’s important to them as they contemplate making a major life change. Take back invaluable sales tactics to your community such as the Story Board, Personal Proposals and Creative Follow Up which have proven to result in higher conversions, shorter gestations, improved occupancy and even lower age at move-in.

The StoryTree Sales Workshop is a two-day workshop and is specifically designed for sales representatives of senior living communities – from full service Life Plan Communities to assisted living and memory care – to help sales professionals reach a new level of understanding of their prospect, achieve greater sales successes and personal satisfaction.

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