Solutions Advisors Stories

Everywhere You Turn, There's A Story To Be Told

Communities are filled with stories: Each resident has many waiting to be revealed. Every leader has one to share. Every staff member has a story they want to tell.

Learning and understanding these stories is at the heart of creating a vibrant senior living community. Whether the goal is to engage with new prospects, better understand where leadership is taking the organization, or learn the needs of the community’s personnel, there’s a process for unlocking each individual story.

At Solutions Advisers, we believe storytelling is important to transforming a community. To that end, we know storylearning is essential.

Our Storylearning Process: Ask. Listen. Respond. Engage.

A senior living community is, foremost, a community. And for a community to be dynamic and successful, its people must connect and support one another. By learning the stories within, you gain a deeper understanding of the needs of residents, leaders, and staff.

Ask. Who is this person? What have they experienced in their life (or work) – and what have they yet to experience? What are they looking for – and what are they lacking?

Listen. Everyone is searching for fulfillment, has goals, or has fears. What defines this person, and what sets them apart? When you listen intently, you’ll learn what these personal drivers and strengths are.

Respond. Reply with meaning. Choose your words carefully, but use pointed follow-up questions. Be empathetic to the person’s anxieties and hopeful for their goals. Uncover their “wow” moments.

Engage. Now is the time to find a personal connection. Use the story you’ve just been told to connect over shared experiences. Yours must resonate, use emotion, and be genuine and meaningful.

When you take the time to listen to a story, you can better ensure your prospects are fulfilled, build truly great leaders, or inspire staff to do amazing things. The outcome of learning the community’s stories is creating a place where leaders and staff are empowered, resident’s goals are actualized, and connections are lasting.