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Solutions Advisors chosen to speak at the 2016 Leading Age Annual EXPO!

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AM16%20Banner%20460%20x%20180Solutions Advisors has been chosen to speak at this year’s “Be the Difference” Leading Age Annual Meeting & EXPO. The conference will be held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana from Oct 30 to Nov 2, 2016.

Kristin Kutac Ward, Solutions Advisors President and CEO will be speaking along with Vice President Mike Brindley and Eric Eichhorst, Director of Sales and Marketing at Applewood CCRC. Participants will learn the art of “active listening” to draw out a person’s story and understand the real psychology behind legacy learning. They will discuss why legacy is important to understand where a prospect is in the decision-making journey and how to use legacy to advance a prospect through the “stages of readiness”.

Speaking Details:
Wednesday, November 2 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Below is a summary of the presentation. If interested to attend or receive a copy of the presentation please contact Solutions Advisors at or 888-312-0889.

Legacy Learning – Gaining a Deeper Understanding of our Customer

One of the most powerful thoughts from David Solie, author of “How to Say it to Seniors” is that older people are not just diminished versions of their younger selves, and that it is “incorrect to assume that the loss of physical capabilities implies a mandatory loss of mental capabilities and the end of personality development.” How often do we dismiss an older person’s point of view just because they are old, or assume that they have no more hopes or dreams? Listening to and understanding a person’s legacy advances the sales process by unlocking the door to their dreams and desires. We get to know them not as a “hot” or “cold” prospect, but as a human being with a past, present and future. Legacy is one of two main drivers seniors fall back on in their last quadrant of life. It is a life remembered: was I a good friend, a good parent or spouse, did I accomplish what I wanted?

As sales counselors it is our job to ask the right open-ended questions to draw this legacy from the prospect. It’s not just asking “do you like to read,” but “what was your favorite book or author?” How many of us take the time to actively listen to our prospects instead of reciting a litany of features and benefits about our communities? How many of us dismiss our older clients as having no future, no dreams, or room for future accomplishments? Understanding legacy is one of the most powerful tools in our toolbox to help an individual work through the decision-making process, advance through the stages of change and ultimately become a new and satisfied resident.