Operations Consulting

Perfect the resident experience.
Build a strong community.

Whether you are looking to increase occupancy, expand services, or further excel in your market, there are many reasons to partner with an expert in senior living community operations. Because while the senior living industry can be exciting and profitable, communities also come with unforeseen consequences, complex challenges and uncommon risk factors.

Our operations consulting process can help you find your community’s strengths and spot red flags that may not be visible to you. Our team reviews a variety of factors that contribute to overall performance and risk, and we make recommendations on areas to improve or build upon. Most importantly, we take a close look at your resident experience (and that of the staff) to ensure your community is serving the needs of its people.

To learn more about our expertise in operations management, marketing, finance, and clinical consulting, please visit our sister company Solvere Living.

Strengths Finder™ Leadership Programming

Empower your staff to be more self-aware of their strengths, engage better with their colleagues and find deeper meaning in their work, all the while drawing on their natural talents. As part of our leadership team development, we utilize StrengthsFinder, a program that helps individuals and teams uncover dominant talents to help them excel and put them on a path to better performance and higher engagement.

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