People are talking about your community. Are you listening?

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There’s nothing more important than protecting your community’s brand and reputation. And with the acceptance of social media today as a credible platform for voicing opinions about your community, service and staff, now is not the time to turn a blind eye to these conversations. Get engaged and take back control of online conversations about your community. Read More>>

Legacy Learning – Finding the WOW moments
In his blog, Mike Brindley shares tips on how to listen deeply to learn what’s important to your prospects, their hopes, their challenges and goals.  Through their stories, you’ll uncover the ‘wow’ moments of their lives and create a more personal connection and deeper understanding of your customer. Read More>>

It’s time to revisit quarterly marketing planning
For each of our consulting clients, Solutions Advisors conducts quarterly marketing planning sessions. Quarterly planning allows you to look back at previous quarters, assess progress towards goals and make course corrections as needed in your marketing strategies. Here’s some advice to help the process go smoothly. Read More>>

The CEO’s Role in the Changing Sales Culture
At the Sabra Healthcare REIT Conference in January, Kristin Kutac Ward, President and CEO of Solutions Advisors, offered advice to CEOs on how to understand and manage the changing sales culture in senior living. Download the full presentation Sales Management for the CEO here. Read More>>

In Case You Missed It
Each month we’ll showcase a story or article related to senior living that we found interesting, thought-provoking, inspirational or just outright fun! Have one you found worth sharing? Send it to us! Here’s this month’s article from the New York Times about a 105-year-old cyclist that should have us all running to the gym!  Read More>>

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