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Kristin Kutac Ward, Patti Adami and Angela Green will all be exhibiting at the PEAK Leadership Summit in Washington DC from March 18-21. We will be at Kiosk #15. Hope to see you there. Learn More >>

Angela Green Adds Experience to Solutions Advisors’ Consulting Practice
When Angela first got into the senior living market 18 years ago, she quickly realized how much joy she derived from the many relationships she forged with fascinating residents and their families. She loved seeing them thrive in innovative programs, new relationships, and new environments. It was then that Angela immediately caught the start-up bug. Along the way she developed a love of coaching and growing salespeople, seeing them succeed and ultimately get promoted. She also took that same energy for achieving results to redevelopments, turn-arounds, and communities with sales leadership gaps across organizations large and small. In the last several years, Angela has grown passionate about exploring new markets, finding unmet niche needs for community residents, positioning communities to tell their story differently than anyone else, and leveraging technology, talent, training, and data to scale the approach across multiple campuses and product lines. All of it circles back to that root passion: serving fascinating residents with innovative services, products, and environments. Learn more about Angela >>

Marketing Quick Hits

The proof is in the envelope
At one of our Midwest life care communities, we conducted an A/B split test of the target list to determine if a promotional envelope versus a white envelope would perform better. The promotional envelope had an event call out: “Wine & Chocolate Happy Hour – Your Invitation” and was compared against a plain white “control” envelope:

Bottom Line: We proved our marketing hypothesis that the promotional treatment would outperform the plain envelope.

Survey says…
At another one of our life care clients, active leads were sent an online interest survey developed by our creative team.

Bottom Line: When there are strong relationships with the prospects in the lead base, an email strategy such as this is not only cost-effective but produces high response rates.

Get what you pay for
At a Mid-Atlantic memory care community, we noticed that Facebook was generating almost no traffic to the community website. We began two Facebook ad campaigns in February to remedy this: One to promote a CEU event and one to promote a blog post on the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Bottom Line: Utilizing paid Facebook advertising as opposed to only organic posts dramatically increased our reach compared to the prior month’s averages.

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