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7 Ways to Ensure a Successful Senior Living Direct Mail Campaign
Regardless of the marketing channel we use, our approach is to always tell a story – through messaging, design and photography. Our unique story-telling approach applies to everything we do, including direct mail – there’s an art and science that goes into ensuring the brand positioning and uniqueness of your community is communicated in a limited amount of printed space. Read More >>

Look for StoryTree at LeadingAge in the Big Easy!
When you’re exhausted and overwhelmed at LeadingAge, just look for booth #1908. We have a comfy sofa where you can sit and just relax and refresh. We promise we won’t try to sell you anything, we just want to say hello and hear your story. Plus, meet the Solutions Advisors team of Kristin Ward, Lauren Messmer, Patti Adami, Marilyn Hoffman and Nick Schimick and pick up one of our StoryTree notebooks so you can start your own journaling project. See you under the StoryTree at LeadingAge!

Meet Nick Schimick, VP of Marketing
Solutions Advisors’ Richmond team keeps growing as demand increases for direct mail, website development, digital strategies and other creative services. Nick Schimick comes to SA with more than 25 years of experience in marketing and advertising. As the Vice President of Marketing at Solutions Advisors, his role is focused on strategy development, positioning and branding, as well as overseeing operations in the Richmond office.

In Case You Missed It
Five Steps Towards Improving Memory Ability
Dr. Rob Winningham, Professor of Psychology and Gerontology at Western Oregon University, teaches us ways to maximize our memory ability in adulthood by engaging in five behaviors: physical exercise, cognitive exercise, weight control, social engagement and good sleep habits. Dr. Winningham’s proven brain stimulation activities are used by thousands of retirement communities. Read More >>

What We’re Reading
Two Turns from Zero: Pushing to Higher Fitness Goals – Converting Them to Strengths by Stacy Griffith
The author, a Senior Master Instructor at Soul Cycle in New York City, tells her students to “crank up the resistance knob” to a place where they can push past their personal best. The first turn deals with the stuff in your head, and the second turn takes good ideas and turns them into action. Learn More >>

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