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Get to know… Caroline Bailey

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One of the original team members, Caroline Bailey is now celebrating her seventh anniversary with Solutions Advisors (including its past iterations as By Design Solutions and Retiring by Design), having joined the company in 2010, just 11 months after its founding.  Truly an original in more ways than one, Caroline once wrote comedy for theater and hopes someday to return to it.  A lover of all things furry, Caroline takes part in fundraisers for local dog and cat shelters.  Her small apartment in Brooklyn is filled with plants, a veritable jungle for her several kitties.  It’s no wonder that her number one strength on the Strengths Finder™ grid is empathy. Having literally grown up with Solutions Advisors, Caroline now holds the title of Project Director for both Solutions Advisors and its sister company Solvere Living, a title that is pretty much all-encompassing.  You’ll find her both behind the scene orchestrating schedules and managing client accounts, as well as on stage presenting in front of LeadingAge audiences.

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