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Customized Sales Training- Because One Size Does Not Fit All

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Solutions Advisors has developed customized sales workshops for several organizations including Schlegel Villages, a Canadian-owned organization with more than a dozen senior rental communities throughout Ontario; Providence Life Services with a wide array of senior care and housing including CCRCs throughout the Midwest; and Canvas Valley Forge, a 55+ rental community in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  In each case, the organization’s story is carefully woven into the training, reflecting the mission and philosophy, along with a thorough understanding of the audience and product. Our sales consultants have experience in selling full service life plan communities, rental independent living and owner-equity communities along with free-standing assisted living and memory care, and have a keen understanding of the different sales strategies needed for successful sales outcomes.

“We use StoryTree to show sales counselors how they can tell the story of their organization much more effectively than just selling features and benefits,” said Paul O’Brien, Senior Vice President of Solutions Advisors.  “Every organization has a story to tell, and sharing those stories is more compelling than trying to sell a swimming pool or fitness center.  Your story is what makes you unique and begins to develop the relationship with the customer and opens them up to telling their own story.”

Customized sales training also depends on the type of product, said O’Brien.  “The sales cycle of a CCRC may be years while the sales cycle for a rental community might be months and for an assisted living community it could be even shorter.  The customer is different, too.  The CCRC customer is likely the prospective resident, but for assisted living you are more likely to deal with the adult child. All of these factors are taken in consideration when we develop a customized sales training workshop for clients.”

Marketing strategies are also customized according to the organization, product type and marketplace, said O’Brien.  “We find that a creative direct mail piece with a specific call to action works well for life plan communities where you want the customer to really experience the community through an event that reflects that community’s strengths.  For assisted living, it’s more about referral-based marketing and networking events.”  A key component of Solutions Advisors’ sales training is finding ways to creatively follow up with customers following an event or tour.  “We have a great toolbox full of fun and memorable ways to make your community stand out from the rest,” said O’Brien.

Solutions Advisors’ sales training workshops can be a one-time event or take place over a series of months or even years.  One organization with communities in the northwest and California requests annual sales training to review and refresh their sales teams and provide training for new staff.  Whatever your needs, Solutions Advisors can provide a customized sales workshop for you.