Case Study

Pushing The Restart Button On Sales Leads To Increased Occupancy

Life Care Community | La Loma Village | Litchfield Park, Arizona

La Loma Village (LLV), a Life Care community in Litchfield Park, Arizona, came to Solutions Advisors Group (SAG) with a problem: their 145-residence retirement community was currently at 76% occupancy, and they were building a new neighborhood of homes. They had not had a Sales Director in more than a year and needed someone to help mentor and train their new director, while consulting with their sales team.

The existing La Loma sales team had previously gone through SAG’s trademarked StoryTree Sales Workshop, which gave them a solid introduction to a person-centered approach to sales. After working with the team and new director for a few weeks, a plan was developed to help increase effectiveness and drive occupancy. Most of the tactics included fell into three buckets: understanding the basics, putting the prospect first, and team selling. In general, we needed to establish a sales culture that could be repeatable

In terms of the first bucket, the LLV and the SAG team implemented a daily sales stand up, created a simplified tour path that was prospect friendly, and agreed to hold each other accountable to the established sales strategies.

For the second bucket, Prospect Case Studies at 10:00 am on Thursdays wereAll appointments or conflicts were expected to be avoided so the team could focus on prospects in general, not just the ones each person was working on. As a team they would do a deep dive into the leads, be collaborative and create multiple follow up strategies known to advance sales, such as a creative follow up or a home visit. The planning sessions could last a couple or even up to multiple hours, and the team set a goal that they would spend 30% of their sales time planning on what to do with leads

For the third bucket, changes were suggested to modify the structure of the sales team. Because for the team lacked leadership for the previous year, there weas not consistency with execution or daily habits. Every day the focus was how to grow occupancy and what was important for that prospect to move them closer to a decision.  Shadowing of tours and phone calls uncovered the basics of how to answer the phone, how to manage a call, how to listen first and then listen some more, and how to establish multiple touch points with the prospect to keep the cadence of the sales process moving.

Lastly, the LLV and SAG team held each other accountable to establish a repeatable sales culture. During stand-up, each team member had to verbally commit in front of their peers to what they were going to accomplish that day, whether it was phone calls, appointments, deposits, etc. Once they said it aloud, the team encouraged each other to allow themselves to do their job. The next day, the team would start with how the previous day’s goals panned out. Soon, appointments were being booked, tours and deposits picked up, and the team started gaining confidence in themselves and each other. Trust and comradery were established.

In the first four months of changing the sales culture, the team took fourteen deposits and has moved occupancy to 92%. Momentum and motivation could not be higher. And while there are days the team still gets stuck in the whirlwind, they now know to rely on the good habits they established in conjunction with the SAG team.

Does your community need help taking your sales team back to the basics and pushing your occupancy to new heights? If you said YES, give Solutions Advisors Group a call so we can understand what your team is going through and how we might be able to support you.

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