Case Study

Community Management

Equity Retirement Community | Princeton Windrows | Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton Windrows is a 294-unit independent living community comprised of 192 condominium apartments and 102 villas and townhomes located on 35 acres. This community is an equity product requiring a cash sale with deed. Solvere became the manager for Princeton Windrows in April 2009. At that time, the community was only 54% sold since its opening in 2002. Sales averaged nine per year and no villas or townhomes had been sold in two years. Moreover, the relationship between resident board members and owners of the unsold units (a hedge fund in NYC) was strained. Within one year as manager, Solvere Living improved the relationship between residents and ownership, lead generation tripled, and move-ins more than doubled. There were 46 sales in 2012 and 61 sales in 2013. In 2015 the community reverted to self-management when the last residence was finally sold.

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