Case Study

Rebranding and Sales Philosophy Coaching and Implementation

For-profit Equity Independent Living Community | Fox Hill | Bethesda, Maryland

Fox Hill, a 240-unit condominium equity independent living community located in Bethesda, Maryland, became a client of Solutions Advisors in 2013. At that time, the community was coming out of loan restructuring and sales/marketing efforts had been put on a 15-month hiatus. SA’s marketing approach for relaunch was to educate the market on the luxury condominium offerings and high-end amenities. As a “for sale” equity product, the marketing was intentionally very real estate focused to attract buyers.

SA refocused Fox Hill’s positioning towards less emphasis on the specific amenities and services to more on living a life inspired. Drawing a connection between the inspiring owners that live at Fox Hill, the inspiring lifestyle and the inspiring architecture became the focal point of all marketing efforts. Using the tagline ‘Live Inspired’ as a baseline, SA’s creative team went about an extensive review and overhaul of keywords, brand statements, color palettes, font treatments and graphic elements to create a new lifestyle-focused campaign for the community.

The refresh campaign included custom photography and videography, a new key selling point ad, website redevelopment and revamped collateral materials. The result was a more authentic brand position that highlights the character and energy of the community. There is a careful mix of real estate worked in to ensure clarity of the product, but the real appeal are the owners and their embodiment of Live Inspired.

While it cannot be claimed that a creative and positioning makeover is solely responsible for Fox Hill’s recent sales success, the fact is that the Live Inspired focus gave the entire team (sales and marketing) a purpose for telling engaging stories about owners and the community to prospects. For example, website visitors are immediately greeted not with floor plans, but faces of residents. In our discovery phase, we learned of truly amazing individuals living at Fox Hill (the scientist who discovered Ebola and a NASA physician, among others). We selected a diverse group of residents for profiles, capturing quality portraits of each and developed stories of their lives: the world traveler, lifelong learners, creative thinkers. Storytelling creates an immediate connection. Readers begin to see themselves in the community by learning about like-minded individuals in a similar phase of life. The result? Since we started at Fox Hill, we’ve seen condominium ownership improve from 75 to 189 units (only counting sold and contracted), which is a 150% improvement in occupancy. And the website was awarded Gold by the 2017 National Mature Media Awards committee for creative design.








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