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Angela Green Adds Experience to Solutions Advisors’ Consulting Practice

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When Angela first got into the senior living market 18 years ago, she quickly realized how much joy she derived from the many relationships she forged with fascinating residents and their families.  She loved seeing them thrive in innovative programs, new relationships, and new environments.  It was then that Angela immediately caught the start-up bug.   Along the way she developed a love of coaching and growing salespeople, seeing them succeed and ultimately get promoted.  She also took that same energy for achieving results to redevelopments, turn-arounds, and communities with sales leadership gaps across organizations large and small.  In the last several years, Angela has grown passionate about exploring new markets, finding unmet niche needs for community residents, positioning communities to tell their story differently than anyone else, and leveraging technology, talent, training, and data to scale the approach across multiple campuses and product lines.  All of it circles back to that root passion: serving fascinating residents with innovative services, products, and environments.

At Bethesda Senior Living Angela was able to grow move-ins a sustained 33% over three years by re-imagining the entire sales and marketing process: recruitment, training, positioning, CRM, websites, events, and budgeting.  They found quick wins by shifting from traditional marketing to digital strategies, refining the hiring and on-boarding approach, and building selling bench-strength with non-salespeople.  They created a true sales culture, and boldly told a unique faith-based story. The approach was scaled through acquisition, new development, the addition of a call center and marketing automation. This type of growth could have sustained, much less grown, occupancy without this multi-faceted approach.  The Operations team was heavily involved every step of the way.  Community EDs and regional operations leaders were some of the best champions for change, and their occupancy showed it.

At Solutions Advisors, Angela will be partnering with operators and developers to shorten the sales cycle which leads to occupancy results, and ultimately happy residents!

  • Assessing market feasibility and competition in new as well as cluttered markets
  • In-depth marketing and sales assessments to build on core strengths and identify opportunities
  • Strategic positioning of new and existing communities to tell and live their unique brand story
  • Developing and supporting execution of sales strategy
  • Coaching, training, and supporting sales teams to success
  • Strategic product and sales planning in conjunction with redevelopment, refinancing, and expansion planning
  • Engaging key stakeholders and partners to establish or refine your organization’s vision for a bright future

Angela’s passion to explore, innovate, and drive results has found a home among kindred spirits.  She is excited about the way Solutions Advisors helps partners bring meaningful products and services to market, whether it’s 55+ active adult rental, a life plan community, a sales training program, or a major philosophical partner driving culture change in the senior living industry. We’re a good fit for our partners because we are constantly pushing ourselves to innovate, grow, change, and learn new skills that will serve our clients and their residents.