A sampling of our recent presentations and speaking engagements:

Sabra Healthcare Conference PPT 2017_001Sales Management for the CEO (Sabra Healthcare REIT Partner Conference 2017)

Consumer buying habits are changing and this has a huge impact on your approach to sales. You may need to adjust your strategy, and that of your team, to achieve the desired occupancy goals in our evolving healthcare continuum.


Legacy Learning - LeadingAgeNational - 2016_002Legacy Learning – Gaining a Deeper Understanding of our Customer (LeadingAge Indianapolis 2016)

Listening to and understanding a person’s legacy advances the sales process by unlocking the door to their dreams and motivators. You’ll get to know customers not as a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ prospect, but as an individual with a past, present and future.


Prospect-Centered Selling Changing the Culture of a Sales Department_2016_001Prospect-Centered Selling: Changing the Culture of a Sales Dept.

Prospect-Centered Selling is about ‘guiding’ and ‘inspiring’ rather than leading or persuading. How to ask better questions rather than the old transactional methods of selling features and benefits.


Creative Follow Up in Senior Housing SalesCreative Follow Up in Senior Housing Sales_001

Creative Follow-Up (CFU) in senior housing is a sales tactic that employs a myriad of personalized, proactive selling initiatives for a particular prospect.


First Impressions - Recognizing the Flaws and Opportunities_001First Impressions: Recognizing the Flaws and Opportunities

The importance of customer satisfaction and first impressions and how to best expose and overcome marketing weaknesses. Download our First Impressions Checklist.


The “How” of Measuring and Improving Marketing Results_001The “How” of Measuring and Improving Marketing Results

86% of consumers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience, up 59% from six years ago (pre-recession)…


Essential Skills for Prospect - Centered Selling_001Essential Skills for Prospect-Centered Selling

The Foundation of Prospect-Centered Selling: 1) Nuances of today’s prospect; 2) Six skills you can’t live without; 3) Stages of readiness and how it affects your sales approach…


Critical Keys to Converting Leads to Move Ins_001Critical Keys to Converting More Leads to Move-ins

The four biggest opportunities to improve occupancy: 1) Develop a strategic plan, execute the plan, measure the results; 2) Evaluate accessibility of information for your prospects…


The Power of SWOT_001The Power of SWOT

What is SWOT? What does it mean? What is the difference in the use of SWOT in sales versus marketing?…


Creating Sales-Driven Events_001Creating Sales-Driven Events

Develop an annual strategy of event planning; Learn compelling ways to promote events; Event execution; Receive effective and creative event ideas…