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The Evolution of an Event – Part 3: Strategic Follow Up

Your team spent a lot of time planning for the event. You had great attendance and the day of the event went well. Now what? Now is the time to follow up – not in a month or six weeks.  You should follow up while the event is still fresh in prospects’ minds.… Read more »

The Evolution of an Event – Part 2: Event Preparation

Last month’s newsletter emphasized the importance of developing a strategic event plan and establishing a goal for each event, whether it’s new lead generation, advancement or conversion. This month we provide helpful tips on event preparation and offer a checklist and other helpful tools to manage the process. Treat each RSVP as… Read more »

The Evolution of an Event – Part 1: Strategic Planning

Events are a fundamental marketing strategy for senior living. As the more traditional methods of lead generation fade, events remain key to generating new leads and converting existing prospects.… Read more »

Becoming a Master of First Impressions

It’s an old adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Usually it takes about four seconds for people to form an impression – whether it’s about a place, a person, a service or product. In senior living, first impressions can make or break your chances to… Read more »

Top Five Ways to Utilize Residents to Advance the Sale

Resident interaction with prospects can be a valuable tool to advance the sale. But the key is for the sales team to remain in control of the interaction. Almost like a movie director, you need to set the stage, review the script and rehearse before the cameras start to roll. Here are… Read more »

2015 Success Stories

At Solutions Advisors, 2015 saw many small victories along with big successes. We deepened our bench of talented sales consultants, added some great new clients and closed out the year with some pretty amazing statistics. Here’s just a short list of some of our successes: The Clare – The Windy City is… Read more »

A Few of Our Favorite Things

No matter how or when you celebrate, the holidays hold special meaning and memories for many of us. At Solutions Advisors and Retiring by Design, we wanted to share a few of our favorite things about the holiday season along. Opening presents on Christmas Eve – the rule was you could only… Read more »

Baseball and Senior Living – New Metrics to Measure Success

In baseball, batting averages used to be the litmus test for measuring the success of hitters. Today, baseball traditionalists struggle with the new ‘sabermetric’ statistics like OPS, (on base percentage plus slugging), and WAR, (win above replacement) and countless others that measure the effectiveness of a hitter in an effort to predict… Read more »

Boston Bound!

The Solutions Advisors and Retiring by Design teams are heading to Boston for the annual LeadingAge Annual Meeting Expo which promises to be the biggest and best ever! We are eager to see all of our friends and colleagues and add our voices to this year’s theme, “Be the Voice” for aging… Read more »

Solvere means Solutions

Solutions Advisors is pleased to announce the debut of our new website for management services and our new name for this division of the company – Learn more about Solvere Senior Living at While Solutions Advisors has always offered management services to communities, Solvere Senior Living is the new name of… Read more »

Be found. Be heard. Be considered.

There are two indisputable truths to online marketing for retirement communities. One, the use of the internet as a trusted tool to research senior living options shows no sign of diminishing. … Read more »

Events – What we’ve learned

Events are a fundamental marketing strategy for senior living. As the more traditional methods of lead generation fade, such as newspaper advertising, events remain key to generating new leads and converting existing prospects. Events offer a way for customers to experience your community in a non-threatening manner and a fun or engaging… Read more »

Home Visits: Are they worth it?

Home visits – you either love them or you don’t. Some sales people reap tons of value from home visits while others view them as a waste of time and resources. So which is it? Are home visits really effective? Here are four real-life stories from Solutions Advisors’ clients about home visits… Read more »

Green Shoots: A Measure of Springtime and Success!

The term ‘green shoots’ was coined by Norman Lamont to describe the early signs of growth in the economy following a recession or downturn. Now green shoots applies to nearly any hopeful sign of growth or renewal, from economic recovery to home sales and even the senior housing market. At Solutions Advisors,… Read more »

It’s time for Quarterly Marketing Planning!

Annual marketing plans are pretty much routine for many senior living communities. After all, it’s important to develop a blueprint for the key strategies you will deploy throughout the year and especially to know in advance the budget you have to work with. But while annual marketing plans are essential, they are… Read more »

Resident Referrals: Sometimes you just have to ask!

Communities with robust resident referral programs know that resident referrals don’t magically occur – you have to ask. Statistically, a prospect who is referred by a resident has a much higher likelihood of converting to a sale. Yet too often communities spend little time and few resources to encourage or reward resident… Read more »

Marketing budgets as easy as 1, 2, 3

Budget time often becomes a tug of war between marketing and management. Marketing wants more resources while management is looking for ways to cut budgets. With proper tracking and strategic planning, your marketing department can develop a realistic budget based on sound rationale. Determining a marketing budget is not just about looking… Read more »

Cheeseburgers for Seniors and other thoughts about Adult Child Influencers

Cheeseburgers for Seniors – A Guide for Boomers and Their Parents, by John D. Graham, is just one of many self-help books available offering advice to adult children dealing with elderly parents.  As the boomer generation ages, it finds itself increasingly faced with the question of how much to ‘interfere’ with their… Read more »

Can a Rubber Chicken Help Increase Sales?

A true example of Creative Follow Up: A prospect considering a move to a new community complained to the sales counselor that all they served in the dining room of her current community was "rubber chicken". Sensing an opportunity for Creative Follow Up, the sales counselor sent the prospect a dinner invitation.…… Read more »