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5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Messaging to Focus on the Customer

In retail, real estate, and other transaction-heavy industries, good marketing is driven by convincing your customer to buy your product or service, and persuading your prospects to choose your brand over the competition. Yet in the senior living industry, we deal with people’s lives – a responsibility that we do not take lightly. We believe… Read more »

Get to know… Paul O’Brien

Paul joined Solutions Advisors in 2011 after working in human services for nearly 27 years, focused primarily on older adults. Paul has done it all in senior living sales, from working the phones to developing strategic marketing plans to on-site mentoring and coaching of sales teams. He has crossed off many items on his personal… Read more »

Multi-generational Marketing is Critical to Your Community’s Success

Content Marketing to the Adult Child While senior living marketers have always known that family members play an active role in the decision-making process for a prospect’s senior living choices, it’s only become recently clear just how pivotal the adult child’s role has grown. In an online survey conducted by that included adult children,… Read more »

We “pinned the tail on the donkey” to become better leaders

At Solutions Advisors, our vision is to inspire others to reach their full potential. As sales leaders and coaches, we are driven to seek out the best performers and to intentionally build stronger teams, which was the focus of our company’s semi-annual meeting last month. From JC Thompson, EVP and “chief disrupter” of Aspire, a… Read more »

To wait or not to wait?

Solutions Advisors works with a number of communities across the country that are in various stages of sales; some are under development, some are challenged with occupancy while others are in more of a maintenance mode. Regardless of the circumstance, a common question asked by the sales team is – should we have a waiting… Read more »

People Are Talking About Your Community. Are You Listening?

Wouldn’t it be great if every social media post or online review written about your senior living community wasn’t just complimentary, but heaped mountains of praise for exceptional service, superb personal attention, unparalleled quality and an unmatched level of care? While we believe our communities are often worthy of these accolades, the reality is that… Read more »

Six Techniques for Improving Senior Living Sales

In traditional, transactional sales, you’re trained to focus on convincing your customer that their lives would be better with your product or service. This is not the case when it comes to sales for senior living communities. In senior living, it’s not about selling a need. It’s about providing support and being there as a… Read more »

What’s In & What’s Out in 2017

Lots of magazines publish their own lists of “what’s hot and what’s not” for 2017.  At Solution Advisors we thought it would be fun to publish our own list of senior living trends for 2017. Have one of your own to add?  We’d love to hear it! Email us at and we’ll publish them… Read more »

Even Road Warriors Have Favorite Holiday Recipes!

At Solutions Advisors, the holidays are special for the time we get to spend at home with family and friends. And some of us even take the time to cook or bake!  Here are some of our favorite holiday recipes to share. From all of us at Solutions Advisors to you and your families, our… Read more »

The 7 must-have marketing initiatives for 2017

1 – Relook at your positioning Many communities have gone through a SWOT session to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  The key selling points identified during the SWOT are typically used to determine the positioning and message of your community that permeates both the sales and marketing efforts. This practice is Marketing 101. … Read more »